Monday, August 17, 2009

on "James"

I moved into the place that I live now a little over a year ago. The moment I saw this cute little condo, I knew this would be perfect for my son and I. After moving in, I started to notice a few things.

Shortly after moving in, I noticed that all the door jams had been pried opened. The front door. The 2 patio doors, with on being on the roof top patio and my son's bedroom window. Now my place is on the 2nd floor. I really did not think too much about since I realized that it would probably pretty easy to lock yourself out. (I now know.... )

I also started to hear foot steps. And they would start around the same time every night... which was around 9pm. And the odd thing is the walking sound always seemed to come from the ceiling on the inside.

There was this weird funky order that would just pop up - but just from son's bedroom.

I had a stack of dirty bird magazines that were not forwarded... a stack. (slowly things are starting to add up)

One day I get an envelope that is addressed to the estate of James ____________.

So I take that envelope and do some investigation on his name. I learned that James had died of a heart attack and was not found for close to a week. He was young.

After learning what happened - the steps would get louder and a dim light would appear from the closet - almost like someone was peaking out. And then it started to do this from the corner of the room. So one night, after I lived there for a few months, I decided that I was going to have dinner with "James". Typing that make it just seem weird. So anyways during our dinner - I told him about me and about Jordan.

I kid you not... the stepping sound stopped. The sense that someone was peaking around the corner stopped. The dim lights from the closet area stopped.

Every once in a while - I get that sense like he is there. One night I knew he was in my bedroom - I woke up and felt like someone was standing in my room. I was actually scared to open my eyes, just in case it was not "James". We have a little chat and it stops. I also told him that was not allowed in my bedroom.

But lately the cable box will power off.

The only thing that freaks me out is the weird black cat that will appear outside the bedroom window on the little ledge. Did I mention that I live on the 2nd floor? I kid you not, every time that cat appears something happens. First the drain has a mishap. The second time by tire is flat. Third time, I lock myself out. When I hear the tags jingle from its collier, I dash out to the patio to scare it away. And laugh.

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  1. Holy Effing Shit! Dude, you live with a ghost! A little part of me is totally creeped out and frightened and another little part of me wants to sleepover and talk to James! Oh Mah Gah!