Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Jordan,

Happy 10th Birthday!

I could not be more proud of the young gentleman that you are turning out to be.

A conversation has kept playing through my head that I had with your dad when you were not even an year old. We were watching TV, you were asleep - I looked at him and said, "the next thing we will know he will be 10 years old!" I paused and then said... that will be in 2009, which seemed shocking to say in 2000.

But here we are. Man oh man - we have had so many changes in our lives in those past ten years. I have worried by self sick sometimes... because every move that I make, I rake over in my head how it will impact you. It has taken me some years to realize that you are such an easy going kid... and I love you for that.

This past year has been a fun one. Hopefully the memories will stay with you a life time.

I love sitting and just watching you at your basketball practices and cheering you on at your games. I love even more that you take a quick glance when you can to make sure that my eyes are on you. As I tell you before every game... I am your biggest fan!

This year you entered the 5th grade. The last year at your school until you march off to middle school. I know last year was tough, but you and I both made it through it. But this year.... you love school. Homework is not a struggle and you are bringing home A's and B's. My heart is bursting.

I am learning that you are growing up... you are a pre-teen. Hormones will start to flood your body soon. I am not really looking forward to that part. But anytime that you want to snuggle or have me tuck you into bed, you will not have to ask twice.

As your grandpa wrote to you... you will never have single digits again and it will be 90 more years until you have triple digits.

I hope that you will have fun at your little party at the park with your the boys on your team. You all are so cute together and I can hope and wish that you all will stay friends for many years to come. Then over Thanksgiving, we will celebrating your birthday again, along with Uncle Tad's, at Disneyland.



sorry buddy - no birthday letter when you turned nine. Auntie brought us both a present last year for your birthday that landed us sick for many days.


Dear Jordan,

I am writing you this letter for your 8th birthday, which for some reason seems so bitter sweet. Eight years old buddy! It is really hard for me accept that. I think back to the day that I had you and how just after minutes old, you looked at me with so much maturity and depth and when others marveled in how big you were, I marveled in your soul.

One of my favorite memories that I have with you this past year is our conversations. Sometimes they are really silly – I love how you just randomly tell me things and how honest you are with your feelings. I know there are times that you are frustrated, but son, that is life – sometimes things go our way and sometimes they don’t. Please remember that today is a lesson for tomorrow. I love how you always have questions, and questions that just come out of no where – like who is the strongest man to why do people steal. Of course you will ask me about the strongest man when we are shopping and inquire about why people steal when you are building with Lego's.

I know this will not come to a surprise – your laugh makes me laugh. When you laugh, it feels like the world stops to laugh with you. I love that you find so many things funny. Like when I unlock the door and lock them again really super fast and repeat this annoying behavior for 5 minutes, all the time that you are laughing. A couple of Saturdays ago you had to go to work with me and I know that it is not your most favorite thing to do and it is not mine either, but I had to start the morning off good. You love closing the garage door and jumping over the sensor. So I pull the car out and waited for you. Well on Saturday, I decided to see what you would do if I just pulled the car out like I normally do and then take off like you were already in the car. I looked back in my rear view mirror and there you were sprinting down the road and laughing as hard as you were running.

For four months you saved your money because you wanted to buy a bike. I want you to know that you could of asked and I would of bought it for you, but you were really determined to save all of your money to buy that bike. Jordan, I am really proud of you. You ride that bike with so much pride and the best part is that you tell everyone that you bought that bike because you recycle.

This year you started 3rd grade. You looked so unsure that morning when I waited with you until the bell rang. What you did not know is that I whispered in your teacher’s ear that you are a little shy until you get comfortable. That night when I picked you up, you were in the best mood and raving about your teacher and your agenda book. So far you have taken so much pride in that agenda book. The best part is that you check every morning to make sure that I sign off that you accomplished all of your tasks for the evening.

I know I am lucky to have you as my son, hopefully you feel the same way.


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