Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Jennifer McKinney

Something to remember about Tiger Woods - since you control who can leave comments....

Tiger has kept his private life – private. He made that decision very early in his professional career. At the same time, Tiger has also created an image of how great he is off the course. Not to take anything away from the fact that he is a very talented golfer. It was his decision. Tiger has marketed himself to be that person and I truly feel that this fall will be difficult – for his career and with his wife.

It was also his decision to sign contracts with major brands such as Nike and Gatorade, just as it was yours to have sponsors. And by doing so – the general public that buys those goods indirectly supports him – which then leads to the question of who cares. A lot of people care because they have been betrayed of an image that he created and failed. I truly believe there are some that look at the complete package of what an athlete has to offer.

If you know a thing or two about professional athletes is that there are gobs of women who throw themselves at them – regardless of their looks, status, etc. It is about the money or the hope to get something out of the deal. I know first hand – not because I am one to compromise my morals, but by son’s uncle was a professional athlete for over 10 years – and things that I saw or heard about would blow your mind and make your skin crawl.

Really – what real woman would lower her standards to be with a married man?
But then again – what real man would compromise his family's core values for a cheap thrill?

But then you have to ask yourself why would such a public figure put them self in that situation? I believe it is because when you reach a certain level of any career the desire to continue to have your ego stroked increases. It increases to an unhealthy level. (please take time to reflect)

This position that Tiger has put himself in is no different than the hot water that Kobe got himself in – well except there are no rape charges.

So even though I can understand the situation, does not mean that I agree with it. And perhaps my thoughts on abuse or cheating might be harsh to some – but I believe that the strong move forward (leave) and the weak hang on (stay). I had some tough decisions in my own marriage – and after an affair which brought on the violence, I walked away. When I took my marriage vows, I also promised myself that I would NEVER compromise who I am or my core values which were from developed from my foundation and morals.

It was not cute at all that you used someone else's misfortune to toot your own horn.



  1. I emailed you a while back. Holler at me if you want an invite to the new board...we'd love to have you. Several have asked about you.

  2. Ro...I so agree with you and you should so email her this letter....