Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Closet,

For almost the past two years, I thought you were odd and misplaced and rather not useful.

And... then on night, I thought I had a great idea. I would take my walk-in closet and turn it into a small office. Clever, huh? So I dug in and started to do all the rearranging that would need to take place to make this happen.

So after a week of moving and rearranging and sorting and dumping..... I was done. (note: evening hours only) Then I realized two things that were not well thought out. 1. I had no electric outlet in the walk-in closet and 2. I had no light in the small closet.

So... what is behind door number 1?

It is called a good use of space....

(Hi Jordan... love your Celtics t-shirt!!)

And did you see that I added a lamp? Clever, huh?

So how much does this little make-over cost? Well almost nothing. The only thing that I added was the table - a rectangle card table, you know the one with the padded top and folding legs? All other things were items that at one time, I thought... oh that is cute, let me get that. Then I would never get around doing anything with it.

So after a week of moving and rearranging and sorting and dumping....

I love you, my office closet.

And yes, that means that I am sitting in the closet and sometimes in the dark, but never nude.



  1. Ro, I am responding to your blog frog posts about bragging. Keep up the good work I can't post there because I was banned. I pointed out the truth! But I totally agree with your posts in all of the forums. It's ironic how you were told beware of pulling out quotes from the bible because of context but it is okay that in just about every blog posts of McK's she does and she is never condemned for doing so. Like I have always said there are double standards. If you back her it is okay to do and say anything and treat people with disrespect but if you question her watch out everything you do and say is wrong!

    Have a great day and keep up the good work!

  2. By the way love your office closet. Great idea until you can afford 1/2 million dollar home! LOL! Jordan is an exact twin to one of my cousins boys. Wow, I had to do a double take.

    Take care!