Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Cagers -

I was the mom cheering as loud as I could and dying on the inside of the cutness of you all.

Jordan had a little rhym going in the morning before the game...
We are the Cagers - break it down, break it down, break it down!!

I like it... way to go "old school"!!

A little shout out to number 34 - you will always be a star to me. xoxo

The coach and his players - the tall kid in the black sweatshirt is kid that plays on the coach's older team. Rain or shine he comes and practice with these boys - he is like a big brother to many.

Here you could hear the coach yell - oh yeah baby, it is all yours.....

Rack it!!

See this kid of mine - he has a special talent and is grossly double jointed. You cannot get a way from him because there are limbs bending and twisting every direction at you.


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