Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Car Salesman,

I liked you. You were not pushy. Totally understood that I was just there looking when the tires on my car were being rotated. You totally got me when I said that I was ready to have a break from a car payment.

And then...

Then it all changed... when you asked me a really stupid question.

Not only was it a stupid question but the question that you asked me before should have clued you in. Although it really does not matter how many people are in my family if I wanted to buy a two seat sports car... but I responded that it was just the two of us. There was no need, not at all, under any circumstances that you need to ask where my son's dad was at. Those kind of stories are for my girlfriends - and you are not one of them.



  1. Really??? Cause thats the car salesmens business??? UGGG Hate when people ask stupid questions .... well he may have been trying to hit on you ;-) LOL

  2. I had a similar, yet opposite thing happen to me. I was looking at a VW convertible, and the salesman asked me, "Well, you are a pretty girl, you might have babies, so don't you want something bigger?" Dude, get out of my uterus!